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We are a voluntary organisation offering recreational learning and leisure activities in more than 100 subjects, as well as various activities, including walking, cycling and keep fit.


The U3A is open to those aged over 50 and the registered disabled.

Why not join us? Browse our classes and events or get in touch on 01484 308482 or email us here.

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Classes and Activities

All classes and activities are held during the daytime and courses, unless otherwise stated, will be for two terms. The fee for a 10 week one term class is normally £12.00 and for a class running over two terms or more is £24. The increasing cost of hiring the swimming pool and the wood carving venue means that enrolment fees for swimming, wood carving, and one guitar group have had to increase. These course fees will be noted in the course description. Fees for short courses will also be included in the course descriptions.

All class fees should be sent to the office, not given to class tutors.

Contact Details

Aspin House
Block B
Station Road
Tel:  01484 308482