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Classes and Activities

All classes and activities are held during the daytime and all courses, unless otherwise stated, will be for two terms. The fee for most 10 week classes is £12.00, for a 20 week £24, although some class fees are higher because of extra costs. This is stated in the class description.

Class Enrolment

Members are respectfully reminded that enrolment in the “learning” classes such as languages and computing entails a commitment to a certain amount of home study. As places in these classes are limited, please only enrol if you are prepared to give such a commitment.


If you decide to cancel a class please inform the venue as soon as possible as well as the office.

All our tutors, class co-ordinators, library and Radcliffe House staff are volunteers. The continuing success of U3A depends on members offering to share their skills and/or knowledge. If you feel that you could become a tutor or the co-ordinator of a self-help group, please contact the U3A office on 308482.


If you know that you will not be able to attend a class, please would you contact your tutor directly rather than leaving a message with the office as by the time these messages are picked up, it is often too late to do anything about them.


The Management Committee would like to clarify the question of Insurance cover for U3A Members. All members are covered by our Third Party Public Liability Policy and there is no distinction with regard to age. We DO NOT have a Policy which gives our members personal accident cover as this would have to include allmembers and would be prohibitively expensive. All members are requested to provide their own personal accident cover if they think it necessary.

Every person taking part in U3A activities has a duty to keep themselves safe by co-operating with safety measures, not putting themselves or others in danger, and ensuring that appropriate clothes are worn depending on the activity undertaken.

Contact Details

Aspin House
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Tel:  01484 308482