ST01    Personal Computer Applications - Rodney Hey

Methodist Mission    Autumn Term Only                                                           
Friday - 10.15 - 12.15

Following an introduction to the Mission facilities, the emphasis will be on the requirements of the members supported by individual tuition. The range covered includes the following: Office applications; photo editing; transfer of images, videos and music between tablets, phones and computers; social networking; the internet, on line purchasing and cloud services; on-line safety and security; the Internet of things; end of life disposal of devices.
After the first week members may bring their own tablets, Windows, Apple and Linux laptops for help with problems. A Wi-Fi hotspot is available for members to use their own devices on-line.
Contact Rodney Hey on 01484 541836 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ST02    Human Evolution - Jeff Carr

Jubilee Centre                                                           
Wednesday - 2.15 - 4.00

We shall look at the evolution of the human body, starting from the origin of life on earth. There will be some overlap with recent courses on evolution, genetics and the human mind.

ST03    Lanscape Interpretation - Geoffrey Higgs

The Hub Kirkburton                                                           
Wednesday - 1.30 - 3.30

Would you like to know why our villages happen to be where they are, what affected their development, how do we know all this....? Topics include basic geology and landforms as they shape the landscape, the history of settlement structures and field systems, woodlands and their exploitation over time, the influence of monasteries, hunting and leisure parks on the landscape. We will meet fortnightly for 10 sessions starting from 11th October, with field trips available from April. Please note: as the course spans two terms you will need to enrol accordingly.

ST04    A Miscellany of Plants and Fungi - David Barker. 

Friends Meeting House                                                          
Tuesday - 10.00 - 12.00

NEW COURSE! A class for absolute beginners. This is not a botany course or a course on gardening, but rather it aims to provide an overview and link various themes. Topics will include classification, scientific names, scents, poisons, tannins, folklore, archaeology, fungi, literature, the Bible among others. Advice on the edibility of fungi cannot be given. The fortnightly classes will be on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month starting on 19 September. Some optional field trips will be offered and take place in the first or third week.

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Tel:  01484 308482