HP10      Great Speeches and Assassinations - Mel Spedding

Greenhead College
Wednesday - 2.00 - 4.00
Autumn Term Only

An exploration of how the class's nominations, anything (before and) from Elizabeth I's speech at Tilbury  in 1588 to (and beyond)  the assassination of Martin Luther King in 1968 - have shaped history. At the first class - probably something from ancient Greece - the tutor will collect YOUR NOMINATIONS for future topics which will then be shaped into a roughly chronological syllabus. Autumn Term only.

HP12      Muck Majors, Chartists and Edwardians - Michael Leech

Jubilee Centre
Tuesday - 1.00 - 3.00
Spring Term Only

After a short introduction: the years before Victoria; classes in society; the 1832 Reform Act; the Municipal Corporations Act; the Corn Laws; the factory question; public health; Irish famine; rise of Chartism; philanthropy; the new police; Victorian education; rise of Socialism; decline of Liberalism; Britain 1914 - a social and political review. Spring term only.

HP15      Making Modern England 1485 - 1714 - Stephen Caunce

Methodist Mission
Monday - 200 - 4.00
Autumn Term Only

NEW CLASS! Rebellions, civil war, and the emergence of democracy. In 1485 Henry Tudor seized the English throne on the battlefield. In the seventeenth century the country ripped itself apart in conflict between royalists and supporters of parliament creating the world's first military dictatorship. Half a century later King James III fled for his life. Yet by 1714 Parliament had established itself as the true ruler of England by inviting in a new king of its choice. What was life like in this period for the bulk of the population? What was it about the character of English society which led to what might be called a proto democracy? The enigma deepens when we contrast it with the rest of Europe. Initially for Autumn only but depending on demand may extend into Spring.

HP17      Minoans and Greeks - Lance Tufnell

Jubilee Centre
Thursday 10.00 - 12.00

NEW CLASS! This course is an introduction to the worlds of the Minoans and Ancient Greeks. The topics selected are  the environment of the ancient Meditteranean world, a timeline for Minoan and ancient Greek civilisations, the legend of Atlantis, some amazing achievements of Greek scientists, Greece and the world beyond.

HP21      The New Interpreting the Landscape - Geoffrey Higgs

The Hub Kirkburton
Wednesday 1.30 - 3.30

This updated course will give us some tools for interpreting the landscape around us and explore how far we can read previous human activity within it. Topics will include geology and landforms as they shape the landscape, woodlands and their management, relic defence structures and field systems and the traces they have left. We will also look at the role of the church and landed estates in shaping the landscape. We will meet fortnightly for 12 sessions, starting from 9 October when all further dates will be advised, with the possibility of field trips available after Easter.
The total course fee for this class is £24 as it spans in excess of two terms.

HP22      Practical Philosophy - Denise Stimson

Jubilee Centre
Tuesday 2.00 - 4.00

Each week we will discuss a different topic eg courage, honesty. Classes will start with a short reading from an accessible philosopher eg A. C. Grayling followed by time to ponder, write, share and discuss. 



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