These classes have now finished for the summer. They will restart in September 2019, and details will be available here from June. The list below shows what was available in 2018/19.

HP10      Napoleon Bonaparte - Mel Spedding

Greenhead College                                                        
Wednesday - 2.00 - 4.00
Autumn Term Only

Corsican Lothario, enlightened despot, military genius self-made emperor, his marshals, his marriage and mistresses.This will be a revised and edited version of last year's course. Autumn Term only.

HP12      Muck Majors, Chartists and Edwardians - Michael Leech

Jubilee Centre                                                                         
Tuesday - 1.00 - 3.00
Spring Term Only     

After a short introduction: the years before Victoria; classes in society; the 1832 Reform Act; the Municipal Corporations Act; the Corn Laws; the factory question; public health; Irish famine; rise of Chartism; philanthropy; the new police; Victorian education; rise of Socialism; decline of Liberalism; Britain 1914 - a social and political review.

HP14    From Mummers to Madness - David Taylor

Methodist Mission                                                                           
Tuesday - 10.15 - 12.15

Popular entertainment in modern Britain. Popular entertainment was transformed during two centuries of profound economic, social and cultural change. What happened to the mummers and wassailers of the early nineteenth century? How did the music hall respond to the challenge of cinema, radio and television? And how was "British" entertainment influenced by external forces? These (and some other) questions will be at the heart of this course.

HP15    Going behind the Facade of the Heritage Sector - Stephen Caunce

Methodist Mission                                                                           
Monday - 200 - 4.00
Spring Term Only

NEW CLASS! A class consisting of illustrated lectures, followed by guided discussions, designed to provide insight into what had been, until recently, seen as one of the greatest British successes of the past half century - popularising the nation's heritage. The aim is to investigate how heritage institutions operate and especially consider the work that goes into creating and running places like stately homes, workhouses and industrial museums. It also encourages participants to reflect on the messages put over and to ask if they can sometimes mislead as well as fascinate, especially in an increasingly diverse country.

HP17  Glimpses of Roman Life - Lance Tufnell

Jubilee Centre
Thursday 10.00 - 12.00
Autumn Term Only          

NEW CLASS! Preservation from destruction - Vesuvius, Pompeii and Herculaneum: water, friend and foe: the Roman garden: wall paintings and mosaics: the written word.

HP21  Interpreting the Landscape - Geoffrey Higgs

The Hub Kirkburton
Wednesday 1.30 - 3.30

This course will give us some tools for interpreting the landscape around us and exploring how far we can read previous human activity within it. Topics will include geology and landforms as they shape the landscape, woodlands and their exploitation over time, field systems and the traces they have left. We will also look at the role of the church and landed estates in shaping the landscape. We will meet fortnightly for 10 sessions, starting from 10 October, with the option of field trips available after Easter.

The course fee for this class is £24 as it spans two terms.

HP22 - Practical Philosophy (Jubilee Centre Tuesday 2pm) 



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