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A Gentle Look at Mathematical Proof

Proof is the bedrock of the mathematical method and sets the subject aside from other academic disciplines. The course would look at different techniques of proof, such as those involving geometric axioms and algebraic manipulation. Examples would be taken from the entire historical development of mathematics and would include results which have practical importance as well as those of aesthetic beauty. Basic mathematical knowledge would be assumed but the pace would be gentle and nothing too demanding would be involved.

Please will members send expressions of interest to the office.

Introduction to Cryptography is going ahead - see ST01 under Science and Technology


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The following classes are now fully booked for the Autumn Term:

L012  - French Conversation 
P020 - Poetry for Pleasure 
SP19 - Tai Chi for all 
V016 - Life Skills 

class HP15 - Going behind the Facade of the Heritage Sector has been moved to the Spring Term

and we are unable to run the following classes at present:

HP16 - Understanding our Shared Past

Despite the above, we do still have many classes with spaces, who would welcome new members.

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